Vinyl Definitely Making a Comeback

With vinyl records seeing quite a resurgence in recent years, my ailing 1976 Technics SL-20 turntable, while not dead, has been determined to need some service assistance. Since I really wanted to be able to play vinyl reliably, I decided it was time to give the Technics a break, and look to an actual NEW turntable. Enter the Fluance RT-81…

Fluance, a Canadian company best known for its nice speaker systems, ventured into the turntable world through a Kickstarter initiative. They make available two offerings. I purchased the better of the two (RT-81 with improved cartridge).

I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed with the build quality and sonics. I have to readily admit, it definitely bests my aging Technics (despite having identical cartridges).

One great lp to test on a new turntable is Perspectives in Percussion. A 1961 lp, aimed at bringing some great arrangements to vinyl, but with a heavy influence on percussion, and the use of channel separation to promote “STEREO”.

This 56-year old lp really sounds quite amazing. I wonder if it even sounded this good back then. Technology has definitely improved since then, but regardless, it gives the Fluance a chance to strut its stuff. Interesting in that I have this same recording on an original reel-to-reel tape, and it sounds amazing in this format. Not sure which one sounds best.

Very pleased.