This is where we get to talk cars. Primarily, we’ll be talking Volvo’s. Even more specifically, we’ll be talking about the Volvo 240. Sedan or wagon, it doesn’t matter. We’ll be discussing one of (if not the) bestselling model Volvo ever built. Certainly, the 240 is where Volvo made its name. Whether you remember the commercials, and the spotlight always on “safety”, or you remember every other soccer mom drove one of these to haul her kids around town. They became iconic for Volvo.

The Volvo 240 debuted in 1974. Its final production took place in 1993. For nearly 20 years, the product remained almost unchanged. Certainly, times and advancement in technology played a role in the changes that did take place, but “the look” remained the same. Anyone over the age of 40 hears the brand Volvo, and the 240 is the image they’ll conjur up in their mind.

Jamie and I currently own two 240’s. We own “Grandpa”, a 1990 240 DL. We also own “Granny”, a 1992 240 GL. Take a peek at each of these automobiles through my ongoing blog which can be found here: