From Microsoft to Apple

Well… after 35 years of Microsoft Windows as the operating system I’ve grown so comfortable and familiar with, I’m making a switch. After recognizing I have become a “cloud” kinda computer user for a while now, it dawned on me when thinking of upgrading my computer, it might be a smarter move to switch to Apple. Jamie and I use iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products. The only thing that isn’t Apple is our home computers and a couple of Surface tablets. I also maximize use of the cloud for everything. I use OneDrive to store any and all files. No files are actually stored on my local computers. Our business accounting system is Quickbook’s cloud-based version, and my dependence on Microsoft Office 365 is available on Mac’s. Even the development and upkeep of my website is done via the web.

So, I’m making the switch. For the cost of an iMac, I certainly hope I’m making the right move. From all that I’ve read, I’m going to really love it. I’m excited to get it set up. I’m not excited to learn some of the shortcuts that differ between Windows and Mac, but I’ll get used to it.

I am excited to bring all of my main devices into one ecosystem. I have not met anyone who owned Apple desktops, laptops and other Apple devices, say a negative thing about them. Given the age of my Windows computers, and the incompatibility issues with older systems running Windows 11, I think it’s the right time to make this move.

This is it! I got the blue version of the iMac 24.

I’ve gone through my current system to determine if there’s anything I need to back up and have available, and tomorrow I’ll unbox the iMac and get started with it. Should be a fun and educational day. Here goes nothin’!