Saying “Goodbye” and “Hello

I’m sad to report we had to say “goodbye” to our baby “Marco” in December. He developed a brain tumor which began to grow in size, and eventually took him from us. A week before Christmas, and we had to say goodbye to one of the best and sweetest babies in our brood. I can’t begin to express how heartbroken I was to help him across the Rainbow Bridge. He was part of me, and a delight to love. His sweet and gentle nature, his loving personality, and his way of talking to us made him a treasure I will never forget. He loved going to the cabin and riding in the golf cart (even though he couldn’t see anything due to his blindness). I think he just loved being with his daddy and feeling the breeze blowing through his fur.

My sweet boy “Marco”.

Jamie and I didn’t have too long to mourn the loss when a dear friend emailed asking if we knew anyone that would want to “foster” a 16yr old Cocker Spaniel they had just taken in (3 days before Christmas). Seems the owners, who had the dog for much of its life, decided to turn him in when he nipped at their 2yr old because the child was messing in the dog’s food while he was eating. While I didn’t necessarily need to discuss it with Jamie, as I knew what the answer would be, I did give him the details. There was only one question. “When do we get him?”

The boy’s name is “AJ”, and while he is definitely a senior dog, we were told he was house trained, loved people and very well-trained.

“AJ” joins the Cutchins/Rolison household.

“AJ” jumped right into the brood and didn’t hesitate a minute. Fell into the other’s routine and fit right in without the first hiccough. To our surprise, for 16 years of age, he is spry, energetic and loves his new place (I think he likes being rid of the 2yr old, to be honest).

While we will forever miss our “talkin’ boy” Marco, we welcome “AJ” and will work to make the years he has left the best they can be. We’ve decided “AJ” stands for “Always Joyful”, which sums his nature up to a tee. By his sunny disposition, I think he’s going to like being with us, going to the River House and having other buddies to play with. More pictures and stories to come, for sure.

Laying by the Christmas tree dreaming of all the treats Santa will bring.